Alhajj Javed R. Shroff

Managing Trustee

Habib Esmail Educational Trust has seen a change of guard in the year 2006 when Alhajj Javed R Shroff took up the role of leadership to lead the institution on the path of progress . He has successfully completed 15 years as a trustee & a decade as a managing trustee, bringing about significant improvements & development in the Educational Institutes. It is a daunting task to encapsulate in few words, the extraordinary work and progressive changes that Habib Esmail Educational Trust has seen under his leadership. He has devoted his life for his dream & seeking to bring it into reality. He has taken great care to nurture Habib Esmail Educational Trust with a strong conviction. His clarity of imagination lead through compelling his desire to carry out his vision.


As we reflect upon the events of past fifteen years, we cannot help, but feel incredibly blessed and grateful for witnessing years of wonderful accomplishments and great achievements. From education to scholarship to outreach to interfaith and recreational activities, HEET has succeeded in bringing the community together through the strength of great partnerships and rewarding experiences.

HEET was founded with the dream to help create an open, empowering, and collaborative atmosphere within the Muslim community in the greater Mumbai. HEET’s focus on education through positive interaction and honest communication with community, has positively impacted not only the people of Mumbai, but well beyond our local area...